Graduate Staff Recruitment

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill
Raw Talent + Awesome Attitude, in a staff, usually prove to be a more dynamic attribute combination than Highly Experienced + Bad Attitude
Our Graduate Staffing Solution guarantees you the best talent with awesome attitude.

We help businesses grow by providing highly effective staffing solutions at a reasonable cost. We have fantastic Australian university graduates and permanent skilled migrants who are committed to grow their careers and are willing to start a professional job at a reasonable salary, thus giving you maximum return on investment in your staffing dollars. In order to minimise your hiring risks, we have developed a highly effective Graduate Staffing Solution, which enables you to hire outstanding talent and save thousands of dollars in recruitment costs.

Our placement process is simple and hassle free. We will assess your specific staffing needs and in order to save your precious time, we will refer the best 3 to 4 candidates for your consideration.

Upon successful interview, you can hire the right person straight away at a reasonable salary starting from $45,000 per annum, which we will help you negotiate with the candidate. The main highlight of our service is that there will be $0 recruitment fees charged as we are compensated by the candidates who pay our career management fees.

If you are not ready to hire the person on a permanent basis, you can hire them at our charge-out rate starting from just $30+GST per hour, billed on a weekly basis for the hours they work. We, as their employer, take the responsibility for all on-costs such as salary, payroll tax, worker's compensation, superannuation and PAYG. If you wish to hire them permanently, there will be $0 recruitment fees charged after six months of trial.

Our Graduate Staffing Solution is certainly a better hiring approach than hiring a staff by yourself (too much hassles and risky) or through a recruitment agency (costing you up to $10,000 in recruitment fees).

A Great Investment in Staffing!

  • Need an assistant?
  • Want to remain competitive without having to outsource jobs offshore?
  • Upsizing but not ready to justify the need for a senior staff?
  • Downsizing but need a junior staff to get the administrative tasks done?
  • Facing difficulty attracting quality candidates due to skills shortage?
  • Hire a qualified support staff from Budding Talents Recruitment.
  • You can afford the luxury of having an extra pair of helping hands on board!
  • Permanent Hire: Hire a staff at a reasonable salary of $45,000+ p.a. $0 permanent recruitment fees apply.
  • Temporary Hire: Trial a staff at $30+GST per hour for as long as you wish. $0 permanent recruitment fees apply after 6 months of trial.
  • Gain access to skills of qualified, enthusiastic and loyal staff at a reasonable cost.
  • Try before you hire.
  • Bi-lingual staff to broaden your client base internationally and in ethnic markets.
  • Staff legally entitled to work in Australia – no sponsorship hassles.
  • Continuous support provided to staff by our Career Consultants to help them learn and progress on the job.
  • Savings of thousands of dollars in recruitment and staffing cost!
  • Star staff for your business!

We have best possible candidates to fill the following roles:

  • Assistant Accountant
  • HR Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Planning Coordinator
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Sales Consultant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Software Tester
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Support Technician
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • IT Project Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Junior Architect
  • Draftsperson
  • Estimator
  • Project Assistant
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Site Engineer

and more

You have got nothing to lose but your vacant position, please contact us now with your staffing requirements.