Education Providers

Internship placement on behalf of Education Providers

Just graduating from university is no longer enough to get a job.

For universities and education providers, the expectations and demands from their students have intensified in terms of the work readiness and career education support they need to provide.

The employability of graduates is perhaps the best branding approach for universities and education providers, enhancing the value of their degree and reputation.

Budding Talents Recruitment works with many Australian universities and education providers to help their students gain quality internships in reputed organisations.

We provide Professional Internship Program with a satisfaction guarantee. If the intern does not experience challenging, meaningful and relevant work experience that is beneficial, we will find a replacement internship at no cost.

We have internship opportunities in almost all disciplines but mainly in accounting, business, ITC, and engineering.

Some of the main features of our internship program are:

  • 4 to 12 weeks of unpaid internship in reputed companies
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - if not happy with the work experience provided, replacement host company is organised
  • Supervised work experience with a training plan
  • Performance appraisals by the supervisor
  • Reference letter and certificate of work experience
  • Job placement assistance after internship
  • Work experience insurance for peace of mind
  • Compliance with Fair Work Australia’s guidelines
  • PaTH internships (an Australian government initiative) is available for young Australians who are eligible

Unlike other internship providers, we do not encourage back-to-back internship placements. We encourage the host companies to hire the interns instead. We want the interns to get a job after internship and create success stories because it is the best outcome for their hard work. It is good for the host companies who have invested in their training, it is good for us as we get referral business from both the interns and the host companies and it is good for the education provider’s reputation. In fact, up to 1 in 3 interns we place, end up securing a job with the host company.

Unlike other internship providers, we do not charge any fees upfront. We charge a reasonable program fee once the internship placement is confirmed. Though our program fees are much cheaper than other internship providers, we provide the best internships in the market with satisfaction guarantee! Note that PaTH internships are funded by the Australian government.

We are into this business to positively change lives by giving precious opportunities to the interns to prove their skills to the potential employers, be confident and become marketable in the job market. We have more than 10 years of experience in placing interns, Australia wide and we have placed more than 4,000 interns in over 1,000 companies to date. Many of whom are working in highly rewarding positions by now as Accountants, Financial Controllers, Engineers, Programmers etc.

We are currently working with several universities and education providers in organising internships for their students and graduates. We have placed students and graduates from the most Australian universities and many international universities.

Please contact us to find out more about our placement proccess and discusss your requirements. We offer discounted placement fees to universities and education providers who refer groups of students to us for internship placement.